Hooded Tee - Featured Product of the Week

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This week's featured product is one of my favourite items from Life is Good! Ever! 


Lightweight and soft, the hooded t-shirt is perfect for any time of the year! They are made from 100% US grown cotton, and have a raw edge for a casual look (which is something we are all rocking these days).

I always take a couple to the cottage with me. They are perfect for my morning walk when it's a bit cooler or sitting around the campfire in the evening. The long sleeves help keep the mosquitos away and keep the chill off after a day in the sun. 

The hooded tee is available in a variety of colours and styles for women and for girls. And guys - don't worry - we got you covered. The men's hooded crusher is the same weight as the t-shirts with a hood. And it has pockets! It doesn't get any better than that!

Find your favourite summer accessory today!

Cottage Hoodie Life is Good

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